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What was the purpose of the many octagonal silver medals of France?

Started by Afrasi, March 05, 2019, 09:04:06 PM

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A question I asked my self since years:

What was the purpose of those octagonal silver medals of France?


Jetons de Présence would, in todays world be classed as Attendance Fees. In 18th and 19th Century France, directors of companies or syndicates were presumed to be wealthy individuals. It would therefore be an affront to offer money in return for their directorial efforts. Thus was born the Jeton de Présence, a piece of silver equal in size and value to a high value circulating coin.


Guillaume Hermann

And it was possible to sell these jetons de présence for being melt. They did not circulate as coins, as they are always in a very good condition, but they could be melt... and become coins. I already saw some ancient police force documents about robberies of purses full of these jetons, hidden in their belongers homes exactly like a precious coins purse would have been.