another undetermined Islamic bronze coin

Started by Arminius, March 03, 2019, 06:54:29 PM

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another one i can´t attribute:

Ottoman empire ?, , ? AD.,
Æ (ø 18,5-19 mm / 2,13 g), copper, holed,
Obv.: Arabic text divided by lines, small ornaments above and below.
Rev.: symmetrical design of six curved lines (divided in two parts of 3 lines each) crossing four curved lines (divided in two parts of 2 lines each), (8 ?) small ornaments in surrounding fields.



gencho kitov

Ottoman manghir


Stylistically, it's the same as mangirs minted under Suleyman II (1099). Did not know Misir mint produced them in the time. Will check the book when I get home and edit this post :)