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Hong Kong coin my Mom got

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My mom was in the Navy for 20 years, and she was a Chinese linguist, so she was deployed in China a lot. She brought back several coins from her trips, and I thought that this one was cool. It's a Hong Kong 50 cent piece. :)

Nice coin. Are their any differences in the “standard” queen’s portrait and that on the Hong Kong coins?

 I always thought this was the standard Arnold Machin portrait.

I have done some research and yes, there is a difference in the portraits between the "standard" and the Hong Kong. It's mostly the crown that is different. The hair has also changed.  :o I hadn't realized this before.

The two portraits you show ar from different periods. The second was used first in two varieties: crowned and uncrowned. The first was its successor. AFAIK there was only one variety. More on the heads in this thread.



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