Bar Automático Tánger

Started by Afrasi, February 22, 2019, 04:38:11 PM

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Can anybody help me with this token, please?
Is Tanger the name of the bar or the name of its place?
Exists a Spanish tokens catalogue?

Best regards, Afrasi


Its a bar in Madrid  named Tangier. I found another value, a 25 cents.

April, 1935. Entrance Automatic Bar Tangier. Calle Gran Vía, 33, Madrid. Work of the architect Alberto López de Asiaín. Closed in 1948. New Forms Magazine. # 4 Colored #Colorized. Madrid disappeared.

Abril, 1935. Entrada Bar Automático Tánger. Calle Gran Vía, 33, Madrid. Obra del arquitecto Alberto López de Asiaín. Cerrado en 1948. Revista Nuevas Formas. nº4. Coloreada. #Colorized. Madrid desaparecido
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Many thanks! So it doesn't belong to Africa  :'( , but it's still a very interesting piece of history  :D !


Agreed. I would date this token 1900-1939 (the lighted tubes point to the later part of that period.) The first automatic buffets were not just novelties and labour-saving devices. They were thought of as natural successors of traditional restaurants, using the latest technology. See how they were introduced in London here.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.