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Military hockey medal from the Raj

Started by bagerap, February 19, 2019, 05:02:19 PM

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This lovely pristine medal is 94 years old and looks fresh out of the box.
In the centre, is the Order of the Star of India and its motto Heavens Light Our Guide.

Around it:

                           A.S.C.B                  INDIA     
                         RAWALPINDI            PESHAWAR
                       BALUCHISTAN           WAZIRISTAN
                    SIND RAJPUTANA                    LAHORE
                           POONA                    MADRAS
                         BOMBAY                      KOHAT
                      CENT. PROVS.                 UNITED PROVS
                      PRESY. ASSAN                    BURMA

ASCB was the Army Sports Control Board. I'd be interested to know the identity of D.I.B.A mentioned on the reverse. Other medals of this type, all for hockey that I've so far found, lack the support loop at the top. I suspect that they were broken off as they're very fragile.

Silver. 29.5 gr, 48 x 38 mm.

And I've just spotted that my pic doesnt show the loop either.