Author Topic: Kaushambi: Parvata/Parvataka, 200 BC, Copper....inscribed coin of obscure ruler!  (Read 118 times)

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Kings of Kaushambi, 200 BC, Parvataka, Copper, 0.71g

Obv: Bull facing right

Rev: 3-arch hill; Tree-in-railing: legend in Brahmi below “Pa Va Ta Sa” (Parvata or Parvataka)

A rarely encountered coin of this relatively obscure and unknown ruler !
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Very nice coin sir. TFP.

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Not sure about the bull, could also be disfigured a bit by overcleaning. The other side with the Brahmi is relatively pristine. Never heard of the ruler though.
Good find !

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I have sympathy for TH's doubt about the bull, but I don't share it. The key to my POV is the weight of this coin. At 0.71 gram, this must be a really tiny coin. The person who made the mould or die for this coin must have had a bull in mind, or a horse or another animal, but the difference between those animals are quickly lost on such a small surface when everything depends on muscle control. The difference between a bull and a horse is in the length of the neck and the shape of the body, but we are talking about a fraction of a millimeter on this coin.

In those circumstances, I would make the assumption that Mitresh has done his homework as usual and consulted written sources and I would make the heroic assumption that the authors of these sources had several coins to compare and that the written sources were vetted in the course of time. The difference being so small, I would under these assumptions stick with the sources. That said, if there were any doubt about the sources consulted, I'd gallop to TH's position. It does look more like a horse on this coin.

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