Comments on Eastern copper mints of bengal in the reign of Aurangzeb

Started by asm, February 02, 2019, 06:03:53 AM

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Edit: The comments in this thread apply to this contribution.

Congratulations, Doc. Keep it up.

BTW, I look forward to such an achievement on the western front (which is my area of interest).

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Great coins, Abhishek. Look forward to more mint discoveries............

"It Is Better To Light A Candle Than To Curse The Darkness"


This is sublime and highly inspiring stuff, Abhinumis. Thank you. I am looking forward to posts on the other mints. Newbies and advanced collectors alike are getting a low threshold overview of these coins as well as an amazing peek of your collection. May others follow this route when they can.

Don't worry about the comments, but do feel encouraged. Once you have finished your discussion, give me a shout and I'll collect the comments in a separate thread.

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 Quite an impressive post with rare coins on display .
There are few questions why not many copper coins didn't survived from this subah .
I guess its was due to geographical location and regular flooding happened in these area coins which were buried may got destroyed , any thoughts?

Further information and reasearch is requied on weight standard you didn't touch Shah Alam bahadur who did major changes in standard weight of coins in this Subah.

Lastly you may publish this topic alike yours previous articles.
Cheers ;D
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Ajay ji, thanks for appreciating. The medium of small exchange in eastern subahs were mainly cowries and barter rather than coppers for small transactions. During Bengal sultans too, copper coins were rare. So although silver rupee are abundant, copper coins are very scarce/rare and had only periodic and brief mintage. I have limited this discussion only for Aurangzeb.
Will try to publish these rarities in an article



Is it not a high time that you dug up a new mint near your home town? the last one Bandar Balesar was over a year back.

"It Is Better To Light A Candle Than To Curse The Darkness"