Author Topic: Magadha-Maurya: Punch Mark Coin, Karshapana, Series IV-D GH#475, Lovely design!  (Read 132 times)

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Magadha-Maurya, 300 BC, Punch Mark Coin, Silver Karshapana, 3.40g, Series IV-D GH #475

Obv: Pair of swimming fishes in a tank; arch hill with taurines around solid circle; pair of thorn bushes with 2 branches; 6-arm solar symbol with triskele within; sun

Rev: Uniface / blank

A rarely encountered type with beautiful designs engraved in precision like a Swiss watch!
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That's a really appealing specimen ! Looks a bit like the groundplan of a chlidren's playground or a zoo from above. At least that was my association rather than the Swiss watch.
The bushmark i had not seen before as far as i recall.

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I enjoy figuring out these multiple-punched coins, especially when they partly overlap. Your catalogue scan helped, of course. However, I had trouble locating the pair of fish in tank. Eliminating the other punches you described and I found, what remained looks like two pairs of animals with legs and necks and no visible tail in a squarish punch. Who ate the two fish?

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