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Hydroelectric dam on Iceland 5000 kronur of 1961

Started by Oklahoman, February 09, 2019, 07:32:11 AM

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Can anyone help name the hydroelectric dam or power station that appears on the 5000 kronur of 1961?  Thanks in advance.


Help - yes. Name - no. ;)  If you look the name of the depicted man (Einar Benediktsson) up, you may come across this:

"He pioneered as a strong advocate of inward foreign investment to utilize Iceland's natural resources. In 1906 he joined the management of two companies, Skjálfanda and Gigant, formed to build and operate hydroelectric power plants (...)."

So I suppose it is one of those power plants mentioned in that article. But I don't know which one.




I received a response from Ms. Herbertsdottir, with the Central Bank of Iceland.  She has confirmed it as the Irafossstod, or Irafossstod Falls Station.  Thanks for your help.


Great that you also asked (and cool that you got a reply from) there! :)