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Canada: $1 coin commemorates end of anti-homosexuality laws

Started by chrisild, January 01, 2019, 10:21:52 PM

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One of our club members brought in 4 rolls of the coins and distributed it at face value. I took 4 of them for my swap partners. the strike and lustre of the uncirculated coins look particularly good because of those  sun ray designs


I actually got one of these in change yesterday.  I've been in Canada a week and accumulated quite a few commemoratives so far, almost to the point that I'm wondering if I should be more selective in what I take back home.  Certainly a lot easier to get commemoratives here than back in the UK these days.  I got one of each of the five circulating denominations dated 2018 in change, though promptly lost them when a cleaner mistook them for a tip!  Certainly shows that the UK's lack of new coins isn't a widespread issue across the globe due to increasing cashless payments.

One can only dream of a LGBT-related coin being issued in the UK.  It had the opportunity in 2017 (in an anniversary similar to Canada's) but passed it up (or more likely, never even considered it).


Yes, it's not specifically hard to find commemorative coins in change in Canada. I barely have cash on me at all, but whenever I do, I'm likely to get some commemorative quarters in return especially the Vancouver olympics, or those from the 1990s. Similar case with loonies and toonies from the late 80s/early90s