Author Topic: Estonia 2018: 150th anniversary of Jaak Tõnisson birth  (Read 242 times)

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Estonia 2018: 150th anniversary of Jaak Tõnisson birth
« on: December 10, 2018, 05:53:07 PM »
Jaan Tõnisson was one of the most important statesmen of Estonia who has shaped Estonia's history as a politician, journalist and a lawyer. Tõnisson created the first Estonian political party and he was also the first top politician who demanded full independence for Estonia. Tõnisson played a significant role also during the Estonian pre-war period. He held the State Treasurer's office several times and served Estonia as Chairman of the Riigikogu and as Foreign Minister.

The silver coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Tõnisson has been designed by internationally renowned Polish medal and coin artist Sebastian Mikolajczak. The circulation of coins is 5,000, and they have made the Mint of Lithuania.

Press statement (in Estonian) is here: