Author Topic: Jahangir. ½ Dam. Mint: Ahmedabad RY 4 - dotted border - very rare  (Read 263 times)

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Hi all,
Here is a pretty rare issue of Jahangir Ahmedabad mint. The coin is a half dam weighing 9.8gms. The peculiarity of this coin is the dotted horizontle border like that of Akbar's copper coins.
Obverse- falus Ahmedabad with dotted horizontal line in between
Reverse- Rawani, sanah 4 with dotted horizontal line in between
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Re: Jahangir Ahmedabad - dotted border - very rare
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Indeed, a strange phenomenon. It is as if the engraver decided he had too much place. I would have thought engravers of all times would always have wished they have more place. The only thing I can think of is that the engraver made an error, or an accident happened while he was working on the die and he hid it with this device.

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