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Steel yard bar
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:21:23 AM »
For precise weighing of coins, a balance and precise weights are indispensable. That's perfect for gold coins. It's an expensive solution for silver coins, though. That's where the steel yard bar (unster in Dutch) comes in. It's less precise, but smaller, faster and easier to handle. The first picture shows a luxury "self-rising"model. Everything fits into the little box, but there are no loose parts. The counterweight is integrated and shifted until the scale balances and the weight can be read.

Underneath is a simpler model, a hanging steel yard bar. The hook on top serves to hang the contraption. The counterweight is again integrated and can be shifted to the desired weight. The pincer serves to hold the coin.

Similar devices were long used in retail. The ones I remember often had the weight of the goods operate a spring that moved a dial or another indicator.

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