The Official Currencies and Coinages of Oceania

Started by Galapagos, October 04, 2009, 02:22:12 PM

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And finally, the rest.

From left to right, 2$ Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea*, $5 Cook Islands

*maybe NCLT.  Kiribati not illustrated.


So you thought I'd finished then ;)

Here are the French 50 Centimes to 5 Francs,

French Polynesia at top, then New Caledonia and ending with Vanuatu.


Here are the results from the French Jury.

French Polynesia, then New Caledonia, then Vanuatu.

I must say the French Polynesia and New Caledonia 100 Francs are so much nicer in Brass.


Cheating a little,

Below are a Norfolk Island 20 Cents (Australia) and a Guam Quarter (USA)
American Samoa and Northern Marianas Islands also have a Quarter design, but not Palau.