good reference on nova scotia and new brunswick bronze

Started by Mister T, September 20, 2018, 01:04:08 PM

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Mister T

Are there any good books or online resources that go into detail about the bronze coinage of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick 1861 to 1864?
I've read in an old Haxby that the obverses used match to certain Peck/Freeman obverses, and I've also seen somewhere that there are some 1861 patterns struck with different obverse dies to the currency pieces (see for example) but I'm looking for a good online/printed resource that goes into some detail.


Canadian tokens and medals, by A. D. Hoch (ed.) ISBN 0880000287 contains 12 articles on Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. At a glance, Die differences in the 1861 cent of Nova Scotia by G. R. L. Potter looks relevant. Not sure about the others.

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