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Dear friends,
The annual meeting of the Oriental Numismatic Society in the Netherlands, will be held on Saturday 20 October 2018 at the premises of the Leiden University, Cleverdingaplaats 1 at Leiden. Members of continental Europe may be separately informed with the next Journal #233.
Till then and for all others who didn’t receive the program of the meeting, it can be found at the ONS-website
Some of the topics of the meeting will be:
• Yiğit Altay: Introduction on the coinage of the Ilkhans (Mongols of Persia);
• Karan Singh: Legends on Yaudheya Coins;
• Sid Satbhai: Financial Instruments of the Indian National Army;
• Patrick Pasmans: Tokens of the Habib Bank.
• Paul Stevens: Work in progress.
As usual there will also be room for questions, news items, etc. Members are invited to come forward with it. Traditionally, at the end of the meeting a small auction of Oriental coins and related books will be held. The proceeds of this auction is a welcome addition to the ONS-funds. For the auction list see:
All the lots of this auction has been uploaded at the ZENO.RU Oriental Coins Database.
Absentee bids for this auction are welcome and need to be sent, either by post or e-mail to me.
People who want to attend the meeting are requested to inform me at the latest before the 17th of October 2018.
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Re: Annual ONS-meeting in Leiden (Netherlands) on Saturday, 20 October 2018
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At last, a date on which I can attend! I'll be there and I hope to meet you and prhaps other WoC members. Maybe you have a few minutes on such a busy day, so we can discuss what came out of the Dublin meeting?

In case you are a former Leiden student: the address is that of the Lipsius building.

Also, in line with our anti-spam policy, I removed your email address. People who want to contact you can send you a PM. It's the same thing as an email, but spammers can't use it. We don't want email harvesting bots to cause you discomfort with a flood of spam or worse.

Special note for bookworms: I noted a copy of Saran Singh among the items to be auctioned. This book is hard to find in Europe.

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