Terms of Reference for Planned Major Changes to World Circulation Sets

Started by eurocoin, September 01, 2018, 04:37:33 PM

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In this topic you can find the Terms of Reference for Planned Major Changes to World Circulation Sets in which is laid down which changes I consider to be significant enough to be included in the topic. Please read them carefully. Questions and remarks are always welcome in the comments topic.


The release of a (new) circulation set(s) because:

A] a new country has become independent.


i)  East Timor (2003), formerly part of Indonesia.
ii) The Czech Republic and Slovakia  (1993) – formerly Czechoslovakia.

B] an existing state has had a significant name change, or else undergone a political identity change.


i)  Zimbabwe, formerly [Southern] Rhodesia (1980).
ii) South Africa (1990s) – adoption of a new coat of arms after transition to majority rule.

C] a new currency (or currency name) is being adopted.


i)  The euro in 2002 (the year of issue of coins and banknotes).
ii) Sudan in 2007: replacement of the dinar with the Sudanese pound.

D] the currency is being redenominated, i.e. a few zeros are being chopped off.


i)  Romania in 2005.
ii) Turkey in 2005.

E] a country is replacing its old designs with new ones:


i)  The UK in 2008.
ii) Rwanda in 2003.

F] A country is:

i)  replacing the numismatic portrait of a former or deceased head of state with that of the new head of state.
ii) replacing the coat of arms on its coins with a portrait of its head of state, or vice versa.

G] Three or more coins are being significantly reduced in size (by 10% of their diameter or more) and/or having their format changed.


i)  New Zealand in 2006.
ii) Fiji in 2009.

H] Any combination of the above.


Examples of changes I do NOT regard as major:

1] Romania's recent change to its coat of arms, which is not noticeable at a glance.

2] The euro's various changes to its map design. They ARE significant, but not majorly so.

3] The changing of the legend on Britain's coins in 1982, from "NEW PENCE" to just "PENCE".

4] Cases where only a single coin at a time is reduced in size: for instance, Britain reduced the 5p in 1990, the 10p in 1992, and the 50p in 1997. Unlike New Zealand's "big bang" of 2006, such minor phased changes are not greatly significant.

5] Cases where circulation coins are minted in cheaper alloys, even when the colour of some coins changes markedly.

6] Cases where design changes are spread out, such as the Bahamas updating its designs one coin at a time in recent years.

7] Changes to the portrait of the EXISTING monarch or head of state, e.g. Britain's new effigy of QEII in 1998.

8] Minor changes to the state's name, e.g. from Western Samoa to Samoa, but with the coins and designs otherwise left unchanged.

9] Other minor detail changes, e.g. to a font, the re-positioning of legend letters, a slightly smaller or larger effigy than before, etc.

10] New denominations, unless there are three or more.

11] Demonetisation of coins / denominations.