Author Topic: Dutch coffee machine tokens - please help complete the picture collection  (Read 12838 times)

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Thanks for the warning. This is indeed unlisted.

The first picture is of course made with a die for Automatic Holland (Dordrecht). They were obviously middle men, as their main business was vending machines and canteen kitchen equipment. I think their generic tokens were made at the (nearby) Utrecht mint. One of our members is currently going through their files, so we may yet know what's going on here.

The only obvious candidate for S. J. I can think of is Stork Jaffa.

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i have a token S.J. as on your picture, but with blank reverse.
and it is 26.8 mm

maybe the pictures are from different tokens...

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I did consider that could be the case, had already contacted the seller to ask about it and the ad has just now been deleted. :like:
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