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DE: 2009 Unesco gold coin more expensive
« on: October 01, 2009, 06:49:31 PM »
The German government has just published the price of this year's gold coin. And it is not going to be cheap.

Every year Germany issues a half ounce gold coin (face value €100). In general the pieces honor Unesco World Heritage cities, but there are exceptions. The issue price is actually pretty fair: always the price of gold plus 25 euro. But if the gold price goes up, so does the price of such a coin. Thus the "Trier" coin, officially issued today, costs 367 euro - almost twice as much as the first piece issued in 2002. These are the €100 gold coins, and their original prices:

2002 (Euro cash introduction) €193
2003 (Unesco: Quedlinburg) €190
2004 (Unesco: Bamberg) €191
2005 (Football 2006 World Cup) €222
2006 (Unesco: Weimar) €263
2007 (Unesco: Lübeck) €285
2008 (Unesco: Goslar) €339
2009 (Unesco: Trier) €367

Sure, apart from the extra €25, the price simply reflects the gold market. And sure, that 2002 half ounce coin is now worth much more than the original €193. Then again, those who want to have a complete collection will be hit hard: A silver collector coin is usually made by one mint only (following some rotation plan), and always "costs" the face value of €10. The gold coins come with five different mintmarks, with prices according to the gold price. Somebody who wants "Trier" from Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Hamburg will have to pay more than €1,800 ...

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