Author Topic: Solomon Islands - coloured $2 coin for 40th anniversary of independence  (Read 380 times)

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New $40 note and $2 coin to Commemorate the country’s 40th independence anniversary

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands is preparing to launch a new forty dollar note and a colored two
dollar coin to commemorate the country’s 4oth independence anniversary.

CBSI Governor Denton Rarawa announced during the recent launching of the 2017 CBSI annual
report in Honiara.

Mr Rarawa said the production of the new notes and coins were in progress and should be received
ahead of their release in July this year.

He said, 2018 is a special year as the nation will be celebrating 40 years of independence in July,
adding the country must look ahead.

“Our country, if you look at it from a human being perspective is no longer a teenager, we are now an
adult, 40 years is something,” he said.

Our economy has made progress over the past 40 years, despite the many challenges we have faced,
it is clear that we can do more to reform and transform our country.”


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I wonder if the Royal Australian Mint will strike the coloured $2 coins.