Euro Banknotes: Themes and Design Competition

Started by chrisild, April 12, 2018, 12:04:22 AM

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A while ago the European Central Bank made some material from the mid-1990s, about the euro banknote themes and the design competition, available. You may already know the catalog that was published for the design exhibition; has been covered here before but may be interesting in this context: (106 pages, 26 MB)

Maybe the following PDF files have already been mentioned here too, but I could not find them. So here we go ...

Theme Selection - Advisory Group (1995) (45 pages, 2.7 MB)
Selection of Design Features (1995) (61 pages, 9 MB)

Design Brief - Extract (February 1996) (11 pages, 760 KB)
Design Brief - Appendix (February 1996) (116 pages, 24 MB)

Gallup report on the shortlisted designs (December 1996) (54 pages, 4.2 MB)
In the report, the designers had "code letters"; this short list (1 page) tells you who was behind which letter:



By the way, in 2015 Antti Heinonen (former ECB Director Banknotes) published a book about "The First Euros". Has been mentioned here before, but I think it makes sense to add that here. (276 pages, 21 MB)