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Solomon Islands: New Commemorative $2 Coin Issued
« on: July 09, 2018, 05:18:50 PM »
New commemorative currency unveiled

06 July 2018 1

The Central Bank of Solomon Island (CBSI) has launched the country’s new SBD$40 dollar banknote and two dollar coin on Thursday.

The special commemorative currency was launch in Honiara.

Permanent Secretary of Ministry of finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma, declared the note and coin legal tender, which means people can buy with the currencies.

 The launching coincides with the country’s 40th Independence Anniversary. 

CBSI Governor, Denton Rarawa, in his official speech mentioned the improved security features of the banknote with both vertical and horizontal designs and other obscured features.

He explained a person blowing cone shell is an important depiction of the note relating to the theme; ‘A call to the Nation to come together as one and move forward.’

 “We can only redirect our nation if we work together. As we celebrate the journey of our nation we also celebrate the journey or our currency. Our journey as a nation and our currency work hand in hand.”

 The latest banknote is made of Polymer plastic, smooth and stays cleaner and longer than paper.

Close to 100,000 notes and coins have been produced and are now in circulation.

The bank said the commemorative note but will also be used in circulation so its important to look for the features and check that the note is real.

“There is also a pattern of raised dots on one side to help the blind and the partially sighted to check the note.

 “The note has a transparent window and a picture of Blue shell on one side. When you hold the note up to the light you will see the number 40 within the shell.

“The note also has a shimmering gold print on the front which represents the sounds from conch shell.”

By using ultra violet light hidden features which is a turtle and the number 40 will be visible in two different colors on the front of the note, the bank said.

CBSI’s Manager Currency and banking department Joe Vasuni in an interview with the media said a lot of thoughts has been put together by Authorities in the design and inclusion of the features.

He also explained the depiction of a person blowing cone shell on the $40 note represents calling of the nation to hear together, share together and move forward together.

“Come together and see how we can move together to where we want to be in the next 40 years,” he added.

Source: Solomon Star News
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