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Countermarked Venitian Ducat/Zechinno
« on: March 15, 2018, 07:47:25 AM »
For background have a look in this thread on the Luigino.  If you get the Numismatist  look at July 2017  page 65.

The Luigini bubble and bust spawned other attempts, by Europeans, of extracting money from the Levant. in 1667, when debased Luigino were already a huge problem, 1/10 Thalers were produced for export to Persia. Initially it was very successful however the power of French traders soon forced the Austrians to export the coins via the Danube raising the costs of the enterprise and ultimately making the project fail. In 1669/70 the Ottomans banned the Luigino and it was around this time that Genoan interests started counterfeiting Venetian ducats for sale to the Levant. I haven't found direct evidence  but it is well known that the counter-marks Sah01 Sah02 and Sah 03( on Hungarian Ducats), appeared on some time after 1670.  Wilski who cataloged them( Countermarks on Ottoman coins) speculated that the marks, which he notes 01 and 02 appear mostly on Ducats of Domenico Contarini (1659 -1674/5) were used around 1680.   I believe that the marks are more likely to have been used much closer to 1669/70, this is when Countermarking on Luigino was instituted and it is concurrent with the Genoan counterfeiting of gold ducats.  The marks read as Sahih  simly meaning it is good. In the 1980s counterfiet countermarks started appearing.  I have hunted for  a ducat with one of these marks for some time. This low grade example has been the only one that I have found  with a mark that I assess the mark as genuine. It is Sah 02 as cataloged by Wilski. IN Advance I apologise for the poor quality of the photos. The compression needed to reduce the images for posting degraded the images considerably.  I know admin thinks the photo size allocation is OK but  even todays cell phones produce file sizes that become degraded when posted in this forum.  edit.. the photos are truely horrible Sorry