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Tamil(தமிழ்) on world Currencies(Banknotes)!

Started by nomadbird, March 11, 2018, 10:04:29 AM

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Tamil on World Currencies(Banknotes)

Tamil one of the world's oldest language - has been found in so many avenues in History & Arts. Many rock inscriptions around the world have been recognised. A recent interest to understand - how the language took it's form and shape in the World currencies intrigued self. I have been searching online on the world currencies on which tamil was/is available and below is a list i made. Please help in expanding the list!

More about tamil here :

Issuing Authority----------------------------------------------> Country /Presidency/State

Asiatic Banking Corporation------------------------------------> Ceylon & Strait Settlements
General Treasury of Ceylon-------------------------------------> Ceylon
Government of Ceylon-------------------------------------------> Ceylon
Central Bank of Ceylon-----------------------------------------> Ceylon
Central Bank of Srilanka---------------------------------------> Srilanka
Government of India--------------------------------------------> India
Reserve Bank of India------------------------------------------> India
Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China---------------------> Straits Settlements
Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China, Penang-----> At Singapore
Government of the Straits Settlements--------------------------> At Singapore
Singapore(Monetary Authority)----------------------------------> Singapore
Bank of Mauritius----------------------------------------------> Mauritius
Banque De L'Indo-Chine-----------------------------------------> French India
Bank of Madras-------------------------------------------------> Madras
Madras Government Bank-----------------------------------------> Madras
The Oriental Banking Corporation-------------------------------> Ceylon
Sungei Buloh Leprosarium Settlement----------------------------> Malaya?

RUBBER/TEA - Related Coupons

Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Kelatan
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Johore
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Strait Settlements Mainland
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Federated Malay States
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Penang Island
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Kedah
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Trenggnau
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> Singapore Island
Rubber Export Coupons------------------------------------------> North Borne (BLP)??
The Rubber Controller  of Ceylon-------------------------------> Ceylon
Tea Coupon(Section 20 of the Tea Control Ordinance)------------> Colombo



You might have better luck by looking at the expansion of the South Indian kingdoms into Southeast Asia and determine which of those countries issued banknotes written in Tamil.  Majority of the countries you listed were due to this expansion and hence there is a large population of Tamilians living in those areas.  That was due to Rajendra Chola and his eastern expansion...
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Thanks Quant Geek. The hardest part is about a image for each of it. I did see images in - but most are not available. 
Plus the Private banking sectors issues from 1795 would be my next start. Thanks for your inputs.... Cheers