Post-Sasanian: Zabulistan drachms, Martan Shah Spur

Started by Desibot, February 01, 2018, 07:35:55 PM

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Hi can anyone help on these sasanian coins total 6
I have been told they are very rare but most sasanians look the same to me  :P

Sorry if i have posted this before cant remember


Interesting find !
The bust is the common Khusru II type. What is special is the very long text in the margin.
This does not look like the mainsteam-Sasanian drachms. The text is also not in Arab, so not typically Arab-Sasanian either.
Can not give you a definite attribution at this point though.


Hi Thcoin thanks for reply

I hope you can help me with an attribution
Your my only hope  ;)

Checked all sorts of sasanian last few days nothing compares to these  ::)



It cost me some time, but i think i finally found it.
this are silver drachms from Zabulistan, modelled after the khusro II type, under the reign of Martan Shah Spur.



Thank you very much  :thankyou: THcoin
For your time researching these coins  and information you provided you are a great asset.

To this forum  8).
Greatly appriciated