Malwa Sultanate, Nasir Shah, 1/4 Falus,Chanderi mint, unlisted?

Started by Saikat, January 26, 2018, 01:50:42 PM

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This one is attributed as
Malwa Sultanate, Nasir Shah, 1/4 Falus,Chanderi mint. As its weigh is 1.93 gm, it will be a quarter falus of 80 rati standard. However G&G does not mention a quarter falus in this standard.
The coin is tiny ( 7.13 x 9.62mm) but the text looks matching with M147.
Note: This photo is from the seller. I just removed the background to suit me.


A difficult one to be certain,I have a number of Malwa fractions that defy identification,
On your coin the word Nasir would be above the top line on left image & looks like it could be there where it's damaged,



Adding a coin of weight 3.05grams from collection. This was added to collection in 2017 but suddenly found it in the album and so adding as I don't really remember having posting this here. 
Would be then a half falus?
Pic courtesy to seller. 


This might be a revolutionary thought for Asian collectors; for European collectors it is not so strange: could it be that people would cut up larger copper coins (e.g. a half falus) if they needed a smaller denomination (e.g. a quarter falus). If this cutting was done privately, I would expect weight variations, as the cutting would not be precise.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


M145 unpublished ... lately there have been a lot of coins that have not been published in the GG catalog