Author Topic: Shah Jahan: Rupee, Burhanpur, Tir, AH 1038 RY 2, KM 224.8......ornamental die !  (Read 172 times)

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Shah Jahan, Silver Rupee, Burhanpur, 11.43g, Tir, AH 1038 RY 2, KM 224.8

Lovely ornamental die.

Burhanpur held an important place in the conjugal lives of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal as he was the governor of Mughal Deccan as a Prince ruling from Burhanpur. In fact, the royal couple relocated to Burhanpur in 1630 with Shah Jahan chasing an important rebel and wanting to subdue Nizam Shahis. Mumtaz Mahal died in Burhanpur on 17 June 1631. Taj Mahal was initially to be built in Burhanpur on the banks of Tapti river. However, Mughal architects found the ground too weak to support the grand mausoleum. Hence, it was built in Agra (Akbarabad).
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Compare this picture of a detail of the Taj Mahal with the floral decoration on your coin.

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