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Started by Desibot, January 22, 2018, 07:37:06 PM

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Is this a hephalite coin?


This very interesting type is a sort of post-Hephthalite coinage, type 206 in Göbl-Hunnen and in Vondrovec (Coinage of the Iranian Huns and their Successors from Bactria to Gandhara). It is derived from the Sasanian types and may be dated around 700 AD. Vondrovec calls it 'Western Turks coinage'. You find it in his (not so easy to use) book on p. 538-540 and 648 (Vol. II).

I believe your top coin has two countermarks applied onto the face. This probably is the work of some adversary and conqueror. In any case, they are countermarks 123 (bull's head to right with a little crown between its horns) and 124 (janus head of a human and an animal's, possibly a boar's face). These are in Vondrovec on p. 944.

There are several of these coins on Zeno, I believe this one (#20999) is the most informative. You may find them as 'Type 206', Western Turks, Tegin. (Tegin is a word meaning something like King in this area and time).

-- Paul


Wow...... :o fascinating i did not even notice the counter
Mark well spotted ...and thank you for the response.