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Kashmir Smast

Started by Finn235, January 05, 2018, 05:00:58 PM

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I love when an unidentified coin leads to more learning.

Kashmir Smast is the name of a cave system in India/Pakistan that was apparently home to an ephemeral kingdom or quasi-independent state in the early medieval period. There are a few dozen small AE types known, usually about a gram, and mostly based on Kidarite or Kushano-Sassanian prototypes, although other imitations and independent inventions have been found. All coins are apparently quite rare, although I don't know if we are talking a few dozen, hundreds, or thousands of specimens known.

Square AE 11x8mm, 0.88g
Facing crowned, bearded bust, ribbon left
Lakshmi/Ardoxsho seated with cornucopia, Brahmi letter right?


AE 11mm, 0.5g
Facing bust with puffy hair flowing outward
Fire altar


Fascinating series ! I am still amazed by the sheer variety in these types. They do not seem to have been the result of mass-production certainly.
Thanks for showing !


Fascinating coins. You may find them in Vondrovec, and there are some nice articles in the Journal of Oriental Numismatic Society, nrs. 187 and 209. And naturally, there's Zeno.

This is a Kidarite coin with a comparable aspect, but where it comes from I don't know.
Obv. Portrait with Sasanian crown and hairballs at its sides. Rev. fire altar with attendants and long ribbons. 12 mm, 0.4 gr.

-- Paul


Added this tiny 0.5gram coin recently. Pic courtesy to seller friend.


Too few examples for drawing any conclusions, but the rectangular coins are better shaped than the more or less round ones. Are these coins lumpy or thin?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.