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Celtic - in-depth literature & web sites
« on: December 21, 2017, 11:02:04 PM »
This might be a useful list for anyone digging a bit further into British Celtic coins.
Any errors or omissions, just shout.

For identification

Ancient British Coins - Elizabeth Cottam, Philip de Jersey, Chris Rudd (aka 'ABC')
The most comprehensive set of British Celtic coin images - good sized images but only in black and white.
Complete with description and rarity. It also had a good introduction, and vital cross-referencing to BMC, VA and Spink.
It's also relatively modern - 2010.

Celtic Coinage of Britain - R. D. van Arsdell (aka 'VA')
In tandem with ABC above you should be able to identify nearly all British Celtic coins, and some French/Gaulish ones too.
It describes the problem of forgeries too.
Van Arsdell also has a website - see below.

Specialist stuff:

British Iron Age Coins in the British Museum - Richard Hobbs (aka 'BMC')
Purely British Museum coins, but there are 4,500+ of them, all photographed with description, weight, and ID.

Gaulish and Early British Gold Coinage - J. Sills (aka 'Sills')
Really in-depth tome on the very earliest Gaulish and British coins, including metallurgy, and how the gold was debased, decade by decade.

Coin Hoards in Iron Age Britain - Philip de Jersey
Hoards! What's not to like?
Again, a very detailed work which identifies (where possible) the source of celtic coins, as in hoard -> seller/owner -> Celtic Coin Index reference.
Also has some discussion about level of detail/accuracy of the find, was it correctly documented, was it theft, etc. Interesting and sometimes depressing.

Older books

Still good reads, but just need to read in conjunction with the above:
Coinage in the Celtic World - Daphne Nash
The Coins of the Ancient Celts - DF Allen
Coinage of Ancient Britain - R.P. Mack

Internet resources
Can be tricky to pin down good results, but it's a huge database.
This is maybe a better starting point within the database which allows you to select tribes, rulers, etc:
This is the majority of van Arsdell's book online, as far as I can tell - bar the introduction.
There's also a vast number of his articles there too, and more up-to-date details on forgeries.