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Re: Macedonia: Country name to be modified
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2018, 04:38:56 AM »
Hmm, the basis of these so called naming conventions you mentioned do not exist in reality ...
-large parts of Belgium were carved out of LuxembourG, not the other way round
- there is officially no such thing as North Korea or South Korea. They are called Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea (similarly Taiwan is Officially the Republic of China, while the mainland is called the Peopleís republic of China)
- similarly, what was casually called east/west Germany actually were German Democratic Republic and Ferderal republic of Germany
- In the case of the Sudan, the official country is called Republic of Sudan, while the newer entity is called the Republic of South Sudan

In all cases, both entities always recognize their shared heritage, so they do not dispute each otherís names. That isnít the case of Macedonia. While geography wise, FYROM was part of the Ancient Macedonian kingdom, the current population of FYROM are ethnically Slavs who only settled there in the 6th century AD and have nothing to do with the Hellenistic ancient Macedonians. Thatís what the Greeks object to and especially because their northern neighbour uses it in an official capacity (and not casually). I believe thatís the crux of the issue as far as the Greeks are concerned.

On your other stuff about Kashmir, bengal, Punjab... I donít see the point of those, but it isnít relevant either way to this issue between Greece and FYROM