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In the name of Nadir Shah, Muhammad Hasan Khan, AH 1187 (error for 1178 AH), AR Abbasi, Ganja (Azerbaijan) mint, KM 26 (1174-1195 AH)(1760-1780 AD
Weight 4.21 gm
Diameter 20 mm
Metal Silver
Obverse: al-Sultan Nadir السلطان نادر inside a nicely decorated circle.
Reverse: Mint and date ضرب گنجه ۱۱۸۷ (Ganja 1187) inside a circle. The date is as error for 1178 AH.
Muhammad Hasan Khan was Khan of Ganja from (1174-1195 AH)(1760 to 1780 AD). He was from the Ziyad-ogli branch of the Qajar family. He came to power after the murder of his father, Shah Verdi Khan, with the Georgian help.
Muhammad Hasan Khan was taken to captivity in Karabakh and killed in 1785 AD during the revolt of Ganja against the foreign rule led by Muhammad's relative Hajji Beg.
Nice rare silver coin.

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