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Brazil: Bill for new circulating coins

Started by eurocoin, August 19, 2017, 05:18:02 PM

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In May of last year a Brazilian politician submitted a bill for the change of Brazil's circulating coins and banknotes. If approved, the new circulating coins and banknotes will honour Brazilian women and black people who have in the history of Brazil played an important role in the emancipation of women and in combating racial and gender discrimination. The bill, which was made by congressman Orlando Silva, also mentions that the Central Bank should only choose the people to be depicted on the new currency after having consulted the population. The current coins only depict men.


Don't know what the weight of the right of initiative is in Brazil. It runs the gamut from being the only way to propose a law (US) to useless (Netherlands). The latter is more pervasive in the world. The closer the right of initiative tends to be to useless, the higher the chance that this is meaningless political grandstanding.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


According to recent media reports, it is expected that the bill will be approved. From what I understand if it is indeed being approved in congress, the decision is final, meaning that it will indeed happen. That is also why I only now mention this bill on the forum, even although it was already submitted over a year ago.


In the last few years very little was done with this bill. However, a majority of the parties in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil has today followed a specific legal procedure in regard of this bill, because of which it will now be handled with the highest urgence.


There is still slow but steady progress in regard of this bill, which can be found here.