Author Topic: Ghana: 100 Cedis 2017 Scottsdale Mint error  (Read 174 times)

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Ghana: 100 Cedis 2017 Scottsdale Mint error
« on: August 07, 2017, 06:43:25 PM »
Recently the US-based private mint Scottsdale Mint produced and issued a 100 Cedis coin of Ghana which depicts an African Leopard. The coin was made out of 1 troy ounce of pure silver and, as it is a bullion coin, it was being sold at its metal value + a small premium. It didn't take very long for the Scottsdale Mint to realize they had made a horrible mistake. Instead of 100 Cedis, the coin should have had a denomination of only 5 Cedis. In fact 100 Cedis is worth more than what the coin was being sold for. Instead of the planned 50,000 pieces, only 5,000 of these error coins were issued. A corrected version has now been issued aswell. People who have bought the error coin in the mint's packaging (usually in the packaging with the reverse up, and only that side visible) can still find out if they have the 100 Cedis coin by looking at the rim to the left side of the coin, which if you have the error coin goes from a high to low rim if you look anticlockwise. According to some it was a mule error while others suggest the engraver mistakenly added a wrong denomination.