Author Topic: Khambayat (Cambay). Early (unlisted in KM) issue in name of Shah Alam II RY 3X.  (Read 33 times)

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A rupee, weighing 11.52 g, issued during the reign of Fateh Ali Khan - Mo'min Khan III, the 4th ruler of Cambay. Coin issued in the name of Shah Alam II with the RY 3X.
These early issues of this state do not seem to be listed. Can any one share more information on this coin? There is a 1/2 Rupee of this type listed on ZENO..

Here is what I could find on this ruler: Najum-ud-Daulah Mumtaz-ul-Mulk Khan Bahadur Dilawar Jung Nawab FATEH ALI KHAN MO'MIN KHAN III, 4th Nawab of Cambay 1790/1823, was the eldest of three sons of Nawab MUHAMMED QULI KHAN, 3rd Nawab of Cambay. He sent a large present to the Mughal Emperor and in return he received the additional titles of Najum-ud-Daulah Mumtaz-ul-Mulk Khan Bahadur Dilawar Jung, and the rank of a commander of six thousand as Nawab of Cambay.

By the Treaty of Bassein (31st December 1802) all the Peshwa's rights in Cambay were ceded to the British.

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