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Picture Container for the Design Boards
« on: July 14, 2017, 04:16:17 PM »
This locked topic is intended to hold images for all the design boards. Normally, when you post, your text appears at the top of the post, and then you may optionally attach images, which appear beneath the text of the post. Additionally, the images appear with a paper clip icon next to them. This arrangement can sometimes look rather untidy.

Sometimes you may wish to post in "magazine article" format, whereby you arrange your images at any point (or points) within the text of the post. You must then find the address (URL) of the image you wish to post. You can do that by right-clicking on an attached image in the forum (in this topic, for instance) or any image on the internet. However, there are now fewer web sites that host your images for free, and those that do so will perhaps not do so for very much longer. It is therefore safer to keep all your images on the forum.

Below you see a typical URL or address for an image on this forum:

Code: [Select]
The two important numbers in this URL are the topic number, in this case 9566.0, and the attachment number, in this case 72436. The topic number is constant; it does not change, even if you move the topic to another board. However, if you split the topic, you will generate two topics, and the newer topic will have a different number. Therefore, please do not split this topic, because the image URLs risk becoming lost if their posts are part of the newer topic.

Also, the attachment number of an image will change, if you delete the image and reattach it to the post in a different position. The attachment number of an image will change of an image will of course also change if you delete it and attach it to a different post in the topic. This means, of course, that the URL of the image will change. If you use a linked image in another topic, whose address / URL refers to an attached image in this topic, then that address / URL will become invalid if you change the position of the original attached image within this topic.

In short, please do not split this topic and please do not rearrange the positions of the images, because any topic that links to the attached images in THIS topic would then potentially be affected.

For now, I am keeping this topic locked, and it will be accessible by moderators only. However, if you wish to add any images here as part of a planned design board topic, please send me a private message.