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Falkland Islands
Falkland Islands 1980 50 pence - design development
Falkland Islands 1992: 400th anniversary of first sighting
Falkland Islands: 50p 1977, and International Year of the Child (1980s)
Falkland Islands: Commonwealth Games 1986
Falkland Islands: penguin proposal
Falkland Islands: royal rejection
Falkland Islands: Unrealised designs by Pobjoy Mint

Fiji: unrealised decimal designs

France: 20 Francs Mont-Saint-Michel
Patterns from Vichy France
Some patterns from France

Gambia: alternative predecimal designs

Germany: 2012 €10 Design Contests
Germany 2014: Richard Strauss, Council of Constance
Germany: Design competition aimed at recruiting new designers
Germany: Design contests for 2013 issues
Pattern coins from Germany
Third Reich: 1 Reichsmark with swastika
Two "pattern" coins that portray Adolf Hitler - are they genuine?

More Mystery Coin Designs - Guess The Country!

Gibraltar crown 1967-70: Preliminary artwork
Gibraltar 1988: adopted and unadopted designs by Alfred Ryman
Gibraltar: Queen Mother's 80th Birthday
Gibraltar Silver Jubilee 1977 designs

Guernsey: 1985 coinage - adopted and unadopted designs
Guernsey 20 pence 1982: variations
Guernsey Decimal Variations
Guernsey, Kings of England, 1987 / 1991
Guernsey, pound coin 1981: preliminary designs
Guernsey: preliminary designs for the 1983 pound coin
Guernsey - sketches showing alternative designs without "NEW"
Guernsey square 10 shillings, plus alternative design
Unrealised FAO designs of the 1960s and 1970s

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United Kingdom
1992 UK pound bird designs rejected by Chancellor of the Exchequer
50p trial piece uses Britannia from a pre-decimal reverse
Arnold Machin: Pattern Decimal 20 Pence of 1963
Arnold Machin: Pattern Decimal Halfpenny of 1963
Design Development of the UK 5 Pound Coin of 2002
Designs by Norman Sillman
Diana memorial proto-design by David Cornell
Edward Bawden's Unadopted 50p Design
Failed entries from the UK's design series competition
I have a 1994 Monometallic £2 + 1994 Round 50p
Ironside produced TWO sets of designs for the UK's decimals

Machin's sketches for the UK 1977 Jubilee crown
Numismatic censorship: Gordon Brown vetoed UK 50 pence design in 2005
Proposed UK Coin Specification Changes, 1994
Proposed UK Coin Specification Changes of the 1980s
Sketches on an EU theme by David Cornell
The public were the judges in this Royal Mint design contest
The Strange Story of the Northern Irish Two Pence

UK 1981 Trial 20p
UK 2 pound coin: 150th anniversary of the London Underground
UK 50p 2004: 'four-minute-mile' original sketch
UK Churchill crown with edge inscription
UK decimal scrapbook: forgotten competition designs
UK EEC 50p 1973: Norway was conspicuous by her absence
UK jigsaw series: proto-designs
UK pattern 3d and 2 shillings of 1926
UK Pattern 50p
UK pattern pound coin dated 1983
UK pound coin design for Northern Ireland
UK pound coin design sketches of 1979
UK round pound series, 1984-7: competition entries
UK round pound series, 1994-7: competition entries
UK Royal Animals: Rejected Designs of 1936
UK Scouting 50 pence proposal for 1982
UK trial threepences of George V

Unadopted UK Decimal Designs by New Zealander James Berry
Unadopted UK Decimal Designs Circa 1966/7
United Kingdom: 1 pound series capitals - 2010/2011
United Kingdom: Beatrix Potter 50p series
United Kingdom: Space tourism 50p series

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