Author Topic: Nero (54-68 AD), Brass Dupondius, Lugdunum mint, 66 AD, Sear 1970var  (Read 149 times)

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Weight=13.7 g, diameter=29 mm

66 AD sure was an eventful year for Nero. While the first Jewish revolt broke out, he embarked on a trip to Greece. Impressing the Greek with his artistic talent, he returned home with no less than 1,808 first prizes! The Olympic Games were "extended" to allow the emperor to compete in them. The organizers even added artistic competitions, which included singing and acting, to the Games for Nero’s sake.

“In one dangerous race, he fell out of his chariot, but the Hellenic Judges in charge of the games nevertheless granted him the wreath of victory: he rewarded these traditionally unpaid officials with one million sesterces.”


Obverse: IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR P P P; laureate head of Nero, right

Reverse: VICTORIA AVGVSTI, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm; S-C across fields

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Re: Nero (54-68 AD), Brass Dupondius, Lugdunum mint, 66 AD, Sear 1970var
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I once visited the palace of Ceaucescu (he had already been executed, but the palace was still as he left it). The "genius of the Balkan" was our modern version of Nero...

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