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Closing of mints in British India

Started by MORGENSTERNN, May 25, 2017, 04:55:39 PM

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Many thanks indeed for going to all this trouble!  Would it be correct to assume all these issues are co-ordinated in time with the cardboard tokens - just a more sophisticated version of the same?  I note Krause seems to contradict this sometimes - but you seem to hint, if I read you correctly, that Krause is not reliable on some dates

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A really great thread!! Well researched! I would ask the admins to make this a pinned post so that it is not lost in due course of time


Quote from: MORGENSTERNN on May 25, 2017, 04:55:39 PM
To ask the Secretary of State for India whether, concurrently with closing the mints in British India to the free coinage of silver in 1893, the mints of all, or any, of the native states were then or subsequently closed; and, if so, will he say in which States the mints have been so closed.
(Answered by Secretary Lord G. Hamilton.) Since 1893 the following native states in India have closed their mints and abandoned their local silver currencies in favour of the Government of India's rupee:—1894, Dewas States; 1895, certain states in Bhopowar Agency, and Western Malwa Agency; 1896, Palanpur; 1897, Bhopal and lesser neighbouring states; Kashmir; 1900, Radhanpur; Nawanagar; Jodhpur; Baroda; 1901, Jhalawar and Kota; 1902, Indore.
HC Deb 07 November 1902 vol 114 c383

The reply above states that the mint at Palanpur was closed in 1896 AD. I seem to have read elsewhere too that Palanpur had issued coins but, I have never come across any image (let alone seen a coin) of this state - whether circulation or commemorative. Can any member here post an image or a reference to any coinage of this state?

I have been collecting old weights of various states in Gujarat area anf have in my collection one of Palanpur but unlike other states which had the weights in the rulers name or the name of the state, the Palanpur one is issued by a Private company.

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