Author Topic: Jahangir, AR Rupee, Qandahar, AH1023 RY 9, month of Azar,KM-145.13, Liddle S-31.  (Read 404 times)

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Jahangir, 1605-1628, AR Rupee ,11.32g: 22mm, Qandahar, AH1023 year 9, month of Azar, KM-145.13, Liddle S-31.
OBV: Nooruddin Jehangir Shah Akbar. REV: Azar at top, Zarb Qandahar with RY 9 and AH 1023 at bottom.
A common coin but without any testmarks and complete details visible along with hijri date 1023 which is very rarely visible on these coins due to its placement on the reverse bottom on the dotted border.


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Common for you, Bushan, not for me. I have seen them only on WoC. TFP such an exquisite specimen.

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