Isle of Man: Unused and rejected designs

Started by eurocoin, March 31, 2017, 02:09:01 PM

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                                      Ford Scorpio (fg), Model T Ford (bg)                               Jaguar XJSC Cabriolet (fg), Jaguar SS100 Sports (bg)



                                                                         Rolls Royce Silver Spirit (fg), Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (bg)



To commemorate the wedding of Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson in 1986, Pobjoy Mint issued a crown set consisting of 2 coins. They submitted an extra design for in case one would be rejected. The leftover design, which can be seen above, shows the coat of arms of Prince Andrew.



To commemorate the World Cup Football in Mexico in 1986, the Isle of Man government issued a series of crown coins. In case a design would be rejected, Pobjoy Mint made one extra design. The leftover design, which can be seen above, shows the national emblem of Mexico.



                           Men's Pole Vault and Women's 100 metre Hurdles                              Discus thrower and Woman javelin thrower

To commemorate the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, Pobjoy Mint was planning to issue a series of Isle of Man crown coins. Because of reasons unknown none of the proposed designs were ever used and no such coins were ever issued. Also see the message below for 2 further designs of this series.



                           Men's 100 metre sprint and Women's 3000 metres                              Women's long jumper and Men's high jumper



The Isle of Man was planning to issue 2 one crown coins for the Winter olympics in Calgary in 1988. Because of unknown reasons, no such coins were ever issued.



                              British Blue Breed with a Tudor rose (1988)                                          Siamese Breed with Thai temples (1989)

In 1987 the Isle of Man wanted to start with a series of 7 crown coins. Every year one coin was to be issued. For unknown reasons only the coin of 1987 was issued. Above and in the further messages below, the other designs can be seen.



                         Scottish Fold Breed with Scottish thistle (1990)                                      Norwegian Forest Breed with a viking ship
                                                                                                                                      on a Norwegian fiord in the background (1991)



                      Black & White American short hair breed of cat with the                      Persian breed of cat with a Persian background (1993)
                   Statue of Liberty and Manhattan in the background (1992)


For unrealised designs of the Isle of Man that were made by the Royal Mint, have a look at: Isle of Man, Prototype designs.