Author Topic: Erikachha (Erich): 200 BC, Copper, bow-arrow; Tree-in-rail....unusual shape !!  (Read 63 times)

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Erikachha (Erich), 200 BC, Copper, 2.83g

Obv: Tree-in-railing (12 'o' clock); Strung bow-arrow (6); horizontal legend in brahmi from left (9) to right (3) 'E Ri Ka Chya'

Rev: Tree-in-railing (vertical); strung bow-arrow (horizontal, arrow pointing left)

See a similar coin and discusison at the thread here
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Difficult, but very interesting coin. I needed the thread linked to to understand it. It's this sort of coin that drivs home the point how much I have learned about Indian coins.

I would recommend to merge the two threads.

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