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Isle of Man: 150 years House of Keys 50p 2017

Started by eurocoin, March 14, 2017, 10:57:52 AM

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In this topic the designs of the commemorative Isle of Man 50p coins will be posted. These will be posted here before the designs are unveiled by the Isle of Man Government.

The reverse of all coins shows a design by Jody Clark of the Royal Mint that can be seen below. On the minted coins the designers initials JC were included.



150th anniversary of the House of Keys Election Act. On the reverse a design by Pobjoy Mint can be seen. None of the designs on the coin were made at Tower Mint. The production of this coin started on March 9 at Tower Mint.


A closer look at the first Isle of Man coin that was minted at Tower Mint below. It can now be pre-ordered in several editions.


Any links on where it can be pre-ordered from?


Thanks.  I notice that the version in a wallet is just £3.95.  Royal Mint, take note.  You don't have to sell a 50p coin for £10.  Just reduce the fancy packaging and you can still make a profit without buyers feeling they've been ripped off.

Edit: And even better, no postage charge.  It really is time the Royal Mint lost their monopoly on UK coins, at least for the collector market anyway.  They should still produce all coins but other companies should be allowed to package them and market them at competitive rates.  But I could moan about that forever...


First complains start to appear ranging from black spots and rust to "It looks like it has been run over by a bus". The UNC coins seem to have many spots and dents while the Proof coins are of a good quality but are being considered way too expensive by a lot of people.


Not much of a surprise though.
seems also gloves have yet to make it to the tower mint as included in the £3.95 price (which included postage) were a number of fingerprints.
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


Disappointing!  Thanks for the heads up, at least I know what to expect when mine arrives!


Nothing new as these designs have already been posted in another topic, but as this topic is about commemorative 50p coins for Isle of Man, I think it should go here too.

The Platinum Wedding eight-coin set has been issued.  By "set", I mean loose coins in this case, as there doesn't appear to be a BU set of them.  Obverse is the same portrait/layout as the other 2017 50p coins.

This series reminds me of the 2003 series of 12 coins (four each for Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney) for the 50th anniversary of the Queen's coronation which similarly had designs depicting scenes from the time.  The Alderney ones were in silver only (as no circulation coinage in base metals has been issued for the island) but the Jersey and Guernsey ones were also struck in cupro-nickel.