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Herm is a small island located between Sark and Guernsey, in the English Channel.  It covers about 2 sq. km. (.77 sq. miles) and has about 60 full time residents.   Its main industry is tourism.  It has few modern conveniences, making it an ideal location where vacationers can “get away from it all”. This unofficial 2016 dated 5 Pound coin of Herm features a statue of Jesus on the obverse, along with an outline portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the Arms of Herm.  The reverse depicts St. Tugual’s Chapel, with the statue of Jesus to the right of the chapel.  The Chapel dates back to the 11th Century.  The 40mm silver-plated Proof coin has a mintage of 200 pieces.

I am sure that it was designed by Russian artist and coin dealer Vitaly Bakhtinov, although his designers initials are missing.