Excelsior Shoe Company tokens showing boy scouts

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Recently I was corresponding with the owner of the the Sage Venture web site. He kindly sent me a few images of scout coins to help me improve the scout coins topic. He told me:

The only other area that I have spent time on are Excelsior Shoe Tokens - https://www.sageventure.com/coins/scout.html.  The variations in those tokens has driven me crazy.  I get visitors to those pages all the time, as I think I am the only website with thorough information.  There are a few old books but difficult to find and have next to no pictures.

The Excelsior Shoe Company took advantage of the opportunity to associate their advertising with the new Boy Scout movement that began in 1910.  They created a "Boy Scout" shoe and tokens issued between July 1910 and January 1914.  The tokens were manufactured by Schwaab Stamp & Seal Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Whitehead & Hoag Company of Newark, New Jersey.

The wording on the tokens, "Boy Scouts" & "Medal" were band names of shoes made by Excelsior.  Tokens were usually bronze or brass and some were zinc.  Sterling silver tokens were also made in some varieties for Scoutmasters that had his entire troop buy Excelsior shoes.  From the research I have done, I believe the Belle Meade Shoe Co. reverse was made around 1916.

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