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Re: Stolberg (ST, DE): Mint your own coin ... well, medal
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That design is fun as an experiment, but I wouldn't have gone for it. I understand the thought and it is clearly expressed in the design, but too much of a disconnect with reality. Martin was a university professor of theology. I imagine him as dull and as deadly serious as they come, but I am probably prejudiced by the theology lessons I had as a teenager.

By contrast, the picture I had of Juliana is that of a worn-out matron, surrounded by her 16 children (or at least the surviving ones), reading a bible to relax, enjoying that she could read and was allowed to read a bible. She actually supported her son William to sell the family silver to raise a protestant army against the catholic Habsburgs, only to see the army destroyed around Mons/Bergen. The statue shows her as a youngster and that's refreshing, as she undoubtedly was a young lady at one time. However, her historical importance was in her breeding, doing in the 16th century what Victoria of Great Britain did in the 19th century: having descendants all over the noble houses of Europe.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.