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St. Helena and Ascension: unadopted circulation designs

Started by <k>, December 24, 2016, 06:33:06 PM

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My thanks to our forum member eurocoin, who sent me some explanatory text for the some of the above designs. It comes from the meetings in March and November 1982 of the Royal Mint Advisory Committee. The circulation coinage for Saint Helena and Ascension was not issued until 1984, so you see how much preparation went into this matter.
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


Royal Mint designs & specification.jpg

St Helena 1p.jpg

Albacore v Yellowfin Tuna.jpg

I note that in the November 1982 meeting notes state:

"an albacore is the design on the 1 penny coin."

That is a fish weighing no more than 50lbs.

The Royal Mint design & specification info for the St Helena coinage states:

"The yellowfin tuna is depicted on the 1 penny coin"

It adds that many weigh 200+lbs.

It appears that a yellowfin tuna was the intended design.

The actual depiction is that of an albacore when comparing the fins.