China, Xi'an mint compared to Board of Revenue 1741

Started by bgriff99, December 01, 2016, 03:49:25 AM

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Left coin is from Xi'an mint, Shaanxi (Shensi) Province.   Right coin is Beijing's Board of Revenue.    Xi'an mint is recorded to have opened in 1741, operated for a brief time, then closed until 1748.    The patterns are coordinated, but not identical.    Mother cash for Xi'an must have been indirect copies of the pattern.

The reign of Qian Long lasted 60 years.   During the first 16 years or so there are numerous cross references to provincial and palace cash to help date the sequence.   After that it becomes more subjective.


Interesting to see these side by side. The metal looks identical. The difference in the bottom picture legend is clear. The differences in the calligraphy in the top pictures are subtle in my eyes.