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Mintmarks & privy marks on the Euro coins.

Started by BC Numismatics, June 19, 2007, 02:46:30 PM

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Sir Sisu

Quote from: Sir Sisu on March 26, 2010, 01:41:27 AM
Beginning this year the Mint will be changing the logo on coins from the cornucopia to a stylized lion. What makes for more interesting news is that according to a Finnish coin site news item in Finnish, both logos will appear on coins dated 2010 as the switch to the new logo will happen sometime during the year.

I'm not sure if this has already been corrected somewhere else on these boards, but the new logo did not appear on the normal 2010 issues. The new logo is now on the normal issues for 2011.


Quote from: Tom0000 on March 11, 2011, 09:28:10 AM
A new "different" has appeared on all coins minted by the Monnaie de Paris since 1st January 2011; this is the mark of Yves Sampo, the new head of the engraving workshop. Staying true to tradition, his "different" illustrates the teamwork spirit of the engraving workshop. So this signature depicts a pentagon with the letters AG, which stand for "Atelier de Gravure" (engraving workshop) and MP standing for "Monnaie de Paris et Pessac" inside it. The motif is completed by Yves Sampo's own initials on either side of it.

Found an image at (see attachment). Quite complex, considering that we will hardly be able to see all these details on actual coins.



Slovenia will mint 2E CC Proof 2012 in Slovakia. I think , all 2012 coins they will mint there.


Ah, interesting to know! But I wonder whether we will actually see the MK mark on the coins. Usually (except for the 2007/08 circulation coins) the pieces from Slovenia do not have any mintmarks ...



The Royal Dutch Mint has a new logo, or rather an updated version of the previous one. The attached image shows (on the left) the old one - used until the end of 2011 - and (on the right) the new one. The logo is a somewhat abstract combination of a crown and the mint's caduceus sign. Don't think the logo will be used on coins though ...



Royal Mint of Belgium will have new mint master. Serge Lesens will be replaced by Bernard Gillard. The coins will have new minter mark : cat. We will see it on coins from 2013 year.


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