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QR codes on coins

Started by eurocoin, September 24, 2016, 11:12:07 PM

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In this topic all coins with a QR code on it can be found. So far 12 such coins have been issued. To be able to scan a QR code with your smartphone or tablet, you may need to first install a QR-code reader from the App Store or Google Play. Almost all of the images of the coins in this topic can also be scanned.



The Netherlands, 5 euro, 2011. 100th anniversary of the building of the Royal Dutch Mint.

After scanning the QR code the URL appears. Originally that website looked like this. It was a special website about the building of the Royal Dutch Mint and this occasion. Later the domain referred to the general website of the Royal Dutch Mint. The domain name is now no longer owned by the Royal Dutch Mint.



Russia, 100 Rubles, 2014. Olympic Games of 2012.

After scanning the QR code, the url appears from which people were automatically being redirected to this page on the website of the Central Bank of Russia on which all Russian athletes that won a medal in the 2012 Olympic Games are listed. These days the webpage does no longer exist.



Tanzania, 1000 Shillings, 2015. "Vera Silver Zanzibar".

The QR-code on the coin refers to the website from which you are immediately being directed to this page which gives information about the coin.



Latvia, 5 Euro, 2016. Entrepreneurship in Latvia.

After scanning the QR-code on this coin the text "STRĀDĀ AR DROSMI, UZŅĒMĪBU UN ATBILDĪBU!" appears. This translates to "Work with courage, initiative and responsibility!". The QR-code doesn't refer to a website, only a pop-up appears with this text.



Cameroon, 2,500 Francs, 2016. Jasna Góra Monastery. Design by Sebastian Mikołajczak.

The QR code refers to the website which is the website of the monastery.



Poland, 100 Zloty, 2018. 100th Anniversary of Independence.

The QR code refers to from which you are being directed to a website about the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland.



Ukraine, 5 Hryvnias, 2018. 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - The Era of Technologies.

After scanning the code the text ЛЮДИНА ЧАС ПРОСТІР appears which translates to "The human, time, space". That clearly appears to be a mistake as it is the official name and theme of another coin in the series this coin is part of and not of this one. To be able to scan a QR code, most QR code readers require the code to be of a dark colour placed on a light background. As the bank did exactly the opposite, many readers will not be able to scan it.


I got that same result with my Samsung 9+ using the google "Lens" app used directly on the screen.
Have a look at  my tokens and my banknotes.



Spain, 30 euro, 2019. 200th anniversary of the Prado Museum.

The code refers to the webpage which gives more information about the coin.


Lithuania, 19.18 euro, 2020. Independence.

The code refers to which provides more information about the coin.


An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.



Cameroon, 250 Francs CFA, 2020. 250 years since the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven.

After scanning the code, the website appears which provides more information about the coin and Ludwig van Beethoven.


Somewhat OT but still interesting, I think: Here is a QR with (as in, made from) coins.  8)  Embedded image ...

Came across this due to the discussion about Pinochet and the liberty angel. On this page, the artist explains the background. There is also a link to a YouTube video.




Belarus, 10 rubles, 2020. Fine art, avant-garde, 100th anniversary of the UNOVIS art movement.

After scanning the code, the url appears, which is a special page on the website of the Vitebsk Museum of Modern Art that provides more information about the UNOVIS art movement and a lecture that was held for the occasion.